The Cashew Tree

So… usually the best place to start is with a name.

The Cashew Tree was inspired by a restaurant that three friends and I found ourselves at last summer, whilst holidaying in Bali. We were staying on a small beach, populated entirely by blonde Australian surfers who frowned upon shoes and communicated in their own obscure lingo. Naturally, we four Londoners who, between us counted a few body-boarding experiences in Cornwall, fitted right in.

One evening we were told that a famous Australian rock band was playing at The Cashew Tree. On arrival we were greeted by the smiliest staff and their chirpy children who quickly handed us a welcome glass of fruity punch. We sat down and let a local Balinese serenade us as we ordered one of their famous vodka slushies’, mine mixed with fresh mango, the perfectly ripe pulp so thick you had to use the straw to scoop it up. These were, of course deadly, so utterly refreshing after a long day in the sun and so deliciously sweet they went down all too easily. Before we knew it, we found ourselves in the ‘VIP area’ (albeit a bamboo shed) doing shots of Arak, the dodgy local liquor, with the band. This group of three long-haired, long-bearded, twenty something hippies decided to give us some life lessons in between performing their songs about the importance of friendship, love and being a free spirit as we tried, unsuccessfully, to contain our amusement.

The Cashew Tree was just really charming. A little enclosed garden full of happy people. The kind of gem you can only find hidden away in a hot and exotic place far, far from home. As I sit here, cradling a cup of tea, swaddled in a blanket, last week’s brief appearance of snow still very much in my mind, I am feeling pretty nostalgic and thought it would be fitting to name this blog after such a happy place. This being said, I do just really like the name… and cashews are my favorite nuts so that’s a bonus.

I suspect that the majority of posts will be foodie related… restaurant reviews, recipe recommendations, ingredients or products that I feel the need to talk about. I’m a sucker for the latest super foods, I can easily spend an hour in Planet Organic and I get excited at the prospect of putting vegetables in cake. Make of that what you will. Beyond this, if I come across anything else that takes my fancy, be it a new shop I’ve spotted, a place I‘ve visited or anything that I feel deserves to be talked about, I’ll let you know…

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