Strawberries, sour cream and coconut palm sugar

Wimbledon is over for another year (congrats Djokovic) and for some reason I always feel a little bit sad about it.

For the past three years I worked at the Championships in a restaurant serving the journalists, the photographers and the press and I had a ball. The atmosphere is always amazing and for two weeks only all eyes are on my little hometown (I live in Wimbledon). Suddenly a huge influx of people from all over the world descend upon Wimbledon, camping out overnight in the local park for tickets and queuing for hours to get a place on Henman Hill/ Murray Mound. Everyone is just so excited to be there.

However, working in the catering at the Championships is another matter all together. Everyone seems to be complaining about something at all times (albeit most of the time in lighthearted fun). The most common quibble has to be about the directions we are given to neatly de-stalk thousands of strawberries for hours on end and count exactly ten into each bowl (yes, they are very OCD about the number of strawberries, even though they charge around £9 per portion).

Yet, despite the moaning, we wouldn’t really have it any other way, everyone’s in it together and it’s always good fun. Working throughout the Wimbledon forntnight was really a highlight of my summer and I was sad to be missing it this year as I am still busy at my internship at the Telegraph. This didn’t stop me getting into the Wimbledon spirit though.

This combo here was not one of my own ideas. I tend to justify my constant scrolling through Instagram as ‘research’ and I’m always coming across things that I want to make. This one is from The Joy of Cooking and as soon as I saw it, it went on my ‘to-do’ list, not least because it requires no effort whatsoever, just dipping and sprinkling to create a tasty little treat.

I am not actually a fan of the thin pouring cream that is traditionally served with strawberries at Wimbledon, I’d much rather have mine with some ice cream or yoghurt. This, however, is a great alternative to the classic and, in my opinion, much tastier.

We have had two Chinese journalists staying at our house throughout the tournament. As I was taking photos of these yesterday, one of them sat watching me, looking very confused. I offered her some to try and she declared that they were much nicer than the ones she’d been eating for the last two weeks at the tennis!

No exact measurements are needed here, I used:

  • Strawberries
  • Sour cream
  • Coconut palm sugar (the original recipe calls for brown sugar)

Make sure your strawberries and sour cream are well chilled so that everything sticks nicely.

Wash and dry the strawberries, dip them in the sour cream and sprinkle with coconut palm sugar… enjoy!

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